Authentication News

New Fee Schedule & Options

Effective 1 December 2017 the Authentication Service Fees are revised as listed on the attached application form.

The increase in rates is necessary to keep up with several increases in postal rates over the last two years.

Domestic shipping costs are our major expense and are included in our fees. Other authentication services may appear less expensive but they do not include the shipping cost in their fees. More importantly, the CSA Authentication Service is the premier authentication service for Confederate material.

New Certificates

All certificates issued by the Authentication Service after 1 July 2011 are on a new gray colored security paper. This new paper incorporates additional security features over those found in the green basket weave security paper that was used for many years. The new certificates are slightly different in format and incorporate the seal of the Confederate Post Office Department.


CSA Authentication Certificate


Glossary of Terms

Philately has a large number of terms used to describe stamps and covers and their condition. Many of the terms have a common meaning throughout the various specialties, others do not. Our certificates sometimes contain terms that are not clear or completely understood by the submitter of an item. To help clarify the terminology contained in certificates the Authentication Service is preparing a glossary of terms most frequently used in authentication.  The first section of the glossary will address stamps and a second section covers. The first section is complete and can be found under Authentication Terms. 

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